Photo: Kim Ramberghaug


John André Nebb Ek is a DPhil candidate in Law at Balliol College, Oxford. His research focuses on contractual capacity, under the supervision of Professor Imogen Goold and Dr Lisa Forsberg. His studies are supported by an Aker Scholarship.

In 2020, John completed the 6-years Integrated Clinical Programme in Psychology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), and he is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Norway. In 2021, he also completed the 5-years Integrated Master's Programme in Law at the University of Oslo. 

His main research interests lie in the many intersections between law and psychology, and more generally in comparative law, contract law, the law of agency, medical law, international human rights law, EU law, and legal philosophy. Before commencing his doctoral studies, John was an adviser at the Legislation Department of the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Security.