Jordan English

Supernumerary Teaching Fellow in Law at St John's College, Oxford


Jordan is a Supernumerary Teaching Fellow in Law at St John's College Oxford. He teaches Trusts, Land, and Roman law at the undergraduate level, and Commercial Remedies on the BCL/MJur. He has previously taught Contract, Tort, and Restitution of Unjust Enrichment. 

Jordan's research extends to all areas of private law and slightly beyond:

  • his doctorate focused on the nature of, and justification for, the discharge of contractual obligations in cases other than performance (i.e. following breach, frustration, and common mistake). The central argument is that all these instances of discharge are explicable as instances of failure of condition; 
  • he is the co-author of The Law of Tracing (Federation Press, 2021) which, in addition to explaining the tracing rules, explores the concept of 'equitable property' and the nature of bank accounts; and
  • he is currently co-writing a monograph on Australia's federal proceeds of crime laws—laws that permit the confiscation of property and other benefits derived from the commission of criminal offences, as well as the instruments of such offences. 

Jordan's research has been cited by the High Court of Australia and the England and Wales High Court (Commercial Court). 

Jordan has completed a DPhil in Law and obtained a Bachelor of Civil Law (Dist) from the University of Oxford. He also holds a Bachelor of Laws (Hons I, Medal) and a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) from the University of Queensland. Before coming to Oxford he worked as a solicitor in dispute resolution at an international law firm and as an Associate to Justice James Edelman at the High Court of Australia. 

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The law of obligations