Fellow and College Counsel, St Catherine's College

Research Fellow, Institute of European and Comparative Law

BA/LLB Hons (Melbourne), PhD (Melbourne), DipLATHE (Oxford)

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Justine Pila came to Oxford in 2004 to take up her statutory posts of University Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law and Tutorial Fellow of St Catherine's College. She holds undergraduate degrees in Law and Arts and a PhD in Law from the University of Melbourne. Before writing her PhD she worked as an IP solicitor and Associate to the Chief Justice of the Australian Federal Court. She teaches IP law and theory on a number of graduate and undergraduate courses for the Faculty, and EU Law and Jurisprudence for St Catherine's. Her books include (as author) The Requirement for an Invention in Patent Law (OUP 2010), European Intellectual Property Law (OUP 2016) (with PLC Torremans), and The Subject Matter of Intellectual Property Law (OUP 2017); and (as editor) The Europeanization of Intellectual Property Law (OUP 2013) (with A Ohly), Perspectives on the Unitary (EU) Patent System (Hart/Bloomsbury 2015) (with C Wadlow), The Jurisprudence of Lord Hoffmann (Hart/Bloomsbury 2015) (with PS Davies) and The Oxford Handbook on Intellectual Property Law (OUP 2017) (with RC Dreyfuss).


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Research Interests

The law and theory of intellectual property, especially copyright law and patent law, and including European intellectual property

Options taught

Jurisprudence, European Union Law, Intellectual Property Law, Regulation, Medical Law and Ethics

Research projects