Katharine Grevling, LL.B. (Tasmania), MA, BCL, D.Phil. (Oxford)


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  • K D Grevling, 'Phipson on Evidence 16th ed' in Hodge Malek QC Gen Ed & others (Auburn, Bagsahw, Day, Grevling, Hochberg,Hollander, Mirfield, Oakley (ed), Phipson on Evidence 16th ed (Sweet & Maxwell 2005)
    I am responsible for chapters 34 (Right to Silence, 35 (Confessions), 36 (Statements in Presence of Accused), 37 (Agency etc)The book is updated with supplements - one is being prepared for Sept 07
    ISBN: 421874708
  • K D Grevling, 'Silence, Lies and Vicious Circularity' in P Mirfield & R Smith (ed), Essays for Colin Tapper (Lexis-Nexis UK 2003)
    This article deals with complex and overlapping law relating to (i) the adverse inferences which may be drawn, and judicial directions to be given, when the accused fails to mention a fact when questioned he later relies upon in his defence (now mainly statutory), and (ii) lies (usually told when questioned, but sometimes given in the witness box - common law).
    ISBN: 406964394

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Evidence, Trusts

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Contract, Trusts, Criminal Law (Mods), Principles of Civil Procedure

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