Lara Mudarra Barros

MPhil Law

Other affiliations

Wadham College


Born in El Vendrell in 2001, Lara is a young researcher in Roman Law. She has always been interested in history and culture. She started her undergraduate degree in Universitat Pompeu Fabra in September 2019 and instantly fell in love with Roman Law. This discipline allowed her to get to know the Law of the Romans as well as their language, their rituals and their culture; and her passion for this discipline began to grow bigger and bigger. She went to the University of Oxford first to read for the Diploma in Legal Studies in her final year of her undergraduate degree. Soon, being a researcher became her goal and she decided to pursue it. She is reading for the MPhil in Law in Oxford in 2023 thanks to the "La Caixa Foundation" Fellowship for Postgraduate Studies Abroad and is hoping to pursue a PhD. Her MPhil thesis is dedicated to the study of the manumissio of slave women in Ancient Rome and the discriminations that slave women suffered which were not the reality of their male counterparts. 

Research Interests

Roman Law, Feminist jurisprudence, History of Law.