I am a Career Development Fellow in Public Law at Worcester College. I am also a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow at the Bonavero Institute of Human Rights. 

I completed my DPhil at Oxford in 2018. My thesis was entitled ‘The Uses and Abuses of Referendums’ and funded by a Fellowship from the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation. My research is at the intersection of political theory and public law. I am particularly interested in referendums, democratic legitimacy, the concept of representation, and the role of science in democracy.  My work has been featured by the Australian Broadcasting CorporationCanadian Broadcasting CorporationDiscover Magazine, and the Guardian.


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L Trueblood and Matt Qvortrup, 'Schmitt, Dicey, and the Power and Limits of Referendums in the United Kingdom' (2021) Legal Studies
L Trueblood, 'Legislating for Referendums in the United Kingdom' (2020) Public Law 49

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L Trueblood, 'Brexit and Two Roles for Referendums in the United Kingdom' in Richard Albert and Richard Stacey (eds), The Limits and Legitimacy of Referendums (OUP 2020)
L Trueblood, 'Referendums and New Labour's Constitutional Reforms' in Adam Tucker and Michael Gordon (eds), The New Labour Constitution: Twenty Years On (Hart 2020)

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L Trueblood, 'Parliament's Secret War' (2019) 135 LQR 343 [Review]
L Trueblood, 'Judging Positivism ' (2015) 131 LQR LQR 335 [Review]
L Trueblood, 'Stanley Fish on Politics, Philosophy and Law' (2015) Legal Studies Legal Studies 381 [Review]

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Public Law, Political Theory, Jurisprudence

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Administrative Law, Constitutional Law (Mods)

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