Lisa Marie Borrelli


Lisa Marie Borrelli works as Associate Professor at the University of Applied Science – HES-SO Valais, Institute of Social Work, Switzerland. Her research interests include migration studies and here the socio-legal aspects of state control, as well as social policies and the study of poverty. She takes a specific interest on how noncitizens’ rights are restricted by states in the fields of migration law, welfare policies and public administration, which she studies through an ethnographic approach and qualitative methodologies. Further interests include (border) regime analysis, deportation studies, emotions and infrastructure. 

Starting in 2023 she co-directs two research projects, ‘Tracing Syrian refugee return dynamics across South/North Divides’ (funded by the Swiss Network for International Studies) and ‘Frontline work in humanitarian crises: state and non-state cooperation’ a project within the NFP80.

Research projects & programmes

Border Criminologies