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  • P A Brand, 'The English Medieval Common Law (to c. 1307) as a System of National Institutions and Legal Rules: Creating and Functioning' in Paul Dresch and Hannah Skoda (eds), Legalism: Anthropology and History (Oxford University Press 2012)
    ISBN: 978-0-19-966426-9
  • P A Brand, 'Judges and Judging 1176 - 1307' in Paul Brand and Joshua Getzler (eds), Judges and Judging in the History of the Common Law and Civil Law: From Antiquity to Modern Times (Cambridge University Press 2012)
    ISBN: 978-1-107-01897-6
  • P A Brand, 'Sir John Davies: Law Reporter or Self Publicist' (2008) 43 Irish Jurist 1
    ISBN: 0021-1273
  • P A Brand, The Earliest English Law Reports volume IV (Selden Society 2007)
    ISBN: 0854232001
  • P A Brand, The Parliament Rolls of Medieval England, 1275-1504: vols I and II (The Boydell Press 2005)
    Edition and translation of the official records of the English parliament 1275-1307 with introductions to the surviving records and the parliaments of the period and appendices of related material
    ISBN: 1-84383-161-9
  • P A Brand, Plea Rolls of the Exchequer of the Jews Vol VI (Jewish Historical Society of England 2005)
    ISBN: 0 902528 40 8
  • P A Brand, The Earliest English Law Reports volume III (Selden Society 2005)
    ISBN: 0854231951
  • P A Brand, 'Delay in the English Common Law Courts' (Twelfth to Fourteenth Centuries)' in CH van Rhee (ed), The Law's Delay: Essays on Undue Delay in Civil Litigation (Intersentia 2004)
    My chapter looks in broad outline at the procedural features of civil litigation in that period which caused delay and expense to litigants, changes made to them by legislation and their broader context in contemporary attitudes that valued them as procedural safeguards for litigants
    ISBN: 90-5095-388-3
  • P A Brand, 'Lordship and Learning: Studies in memory of Trevor Aston' in (ed), Stewards, Bailiffs and the Emerging Legal Profession in Later Thirteenth-Century England (The Boydell Press 2004)
    The career of one well-attested Norfolk local lawyer murdered in 1312 is used to explore the various functions performed by local lawyers in this period and the role of such lawyers in stimulating litigation and helping and advising litigants
    ISBN: 1-84383-070-1
  • P A Brand, 'Petitions and Parliament in the Reign of Edward I' (2004) Parchment and People: Parliament in the Middle Ages 14
    Examines the beginning of petitions to parliament in the reign of Edward I; their formal analyis; who the petitions were; and the evidence for how they were dealt with in early parliaments
    ISBN: 748619755
  • P A Brand and others, 'The Mortmain Licensing System, 1280-1307' in Adrian Jobson (ed), English Government in the Thirteenth Century (Boydell Press 2004)
    Authoritative study of the beginnings of the system for central governmental licensing of all grants to the church created after the 1279 statute of mortmain
    ISBN: 1843830566
  • P A Brand, Kings, Barons and Justices: The Making and Enforcement of Legislation in Thirteenth Century England (Cambridge University Press 2003)
    ISBN: 0521372461
  • P A Brand and others, Credit and Debt in Medieval England, c. 1180-c.1350 (Oxbow Books 2002)
    My contribution to this volume is a chapter on 'Aspects of the Law of Debt, 1189-1307' which is an attempt to provide a modern overview of the development of the law of debt during the period 1189-1307, with a particular focus on debts arising out of loans.
    ISBN: 1842170732
  • P A Brand, 'Earning and Forfeiting Dower in Medieval England' (2001) 22, no. 1 The Journal of Legal History 1
    Widows were normally automatically entitled under the medieval common law to a third of the lands their husbands had held during marriage. This article investigates two significant changes in the second half of the thirteenth century that turned dower into something closer to a reward for the sexual availability of the wife during marriage.
    ISBN: 0144-0365
  • P A Brand, 'Ethical Standards for Royal Justices in England, c. 1175-1307' (2001) 8, no. 2 The University of Chicago Law School Round Table 239
    Looks at the creation and development of ethical standards for the conduct of royal justices in England prior to 1307, at the evidence for the application of those standards (particularly in the State Trials of 1289-93) and at the development of procedures for the punishment of those falsely accusing royal justices of misconduct after 1290.
    ISBN: 1075-9166
  • P A Brand and others, Time in the Medieval World (York Medieval Press 2001)
    My contribution to this volume is a chapter on 'Lawyer's Time in the Later Middle Ages' which look bothe at the ways in which medieval courts and lawyers dealt with present time (terms, return days and days in court) and at ways of conceiving and categorising time now past
    ISBN: 1903153085

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