Philippa Kemp

DPhil Law

Other affiliations

Oxford Law Faculty St Catherine's College St Anne's College


Philippa Kemp is a Law Lecturer at St Catherine's College and St Anne's College. She is also reading for a DPhil in Law at Lady Margaret Hall under the supervision of Prof Imogen Goold. Her thesis assesses the suitability of the regulations applying to the use of foetal tissue in research in England.

Philippa obtained her Law LLB and Law, Medicine and Healthcare LLM from the University of Liverpool. Her background includes working as an ethics and regulation coordinator in the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine at the University of Oxford and convening the Medical Law and Ethics Discussion Group in Oxford.

Research Interests

Medical law and ethics, family law, surrogacy law, regulation of scientific research, regulation of artificial reproductive technology (ART)

Research projects & programmes

Family and Medical Law Research Group