My research centres on LGBTQIA+ law and on family law. My doctoral thesis will consider legal parenthood in the United Kingdom and whether trans and non-binary parents can be accommodated within the current model of allocating parenthood. This follows naturally from my previous work, having completed my LLM on third gender recognition in South Africa (which is where I am originally from) and my undergraduate dissertation on gender normalisation of intersex children and the best interests of the child (excerpts from my LLM and my full undergraduate dissertation have been published and are available online).


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J Sloth-Nielsen and R Sloth-Nielsen, 'Derechos y responsabilidades parentales en la Constitución de Sudáfrica' in Nicolás Espejo Yaksic (ed), La Responsabilidad Parental en el Derecho. Una mirada comparada (CEC-SCJN 2021)

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R Sloth-Nielsen, 'Gender normalisation surgery and the best interest of the child in South Africa' (2018) 29 Stellenbosch Law Review 48

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