Sandy Steel

Professor of Law

Faculty officer role(s):

Director of Examinations


Sandy Steel is Professor of Law and Philosophy of Law in the Faculty of Law at Oxford, Lee Shau Kee's Sir Man Kam Lo Fellow in Law at Wadham College, and Global Professor of Law at Notre Dame Law School (London).

Over the last ten years, he has held visiting appointments at University of Hong Kong, NYU, the National University of Singapore, Singapore Management University, the University of Münster, and Tel Aviv University.  

His main interest is in philosophical and doctrinal questions about foundational issues in private law across common law and civilian jurisdictions, with recent papers on the moral relationship between remedies and self-defence, omissions, causation, the grounds of compensatory duties, the role of fault, and the role of deterrence arguments in private law. Alongside this, he maintains an interest in general jurisprudence and has co-authored (with Nick McBride) a critical guide to the subject: Great Debates in Jurisprudence (Palgrave, 2014, 2nd edn 2018). 

In 2016, he was awarded the Modern Law Review's Wedderburn Prize for his article 'Justifying Exceptions to Proof of Causation in Tort Law'. His first monograph was Proof of Causation in Tort Law (CUP, 2015).

His work has been cited by the UK Supreme Court, the Supreme Court of Canada, and the High Court of Australia. 

He is working on a book about the normative foundations of remedial law. 

Some draft papers are available here: and

Other draft papers (on which I'd be grateful for any comments - please email me for the draft):

1. Liability for Permissible Harm

2. The Difference that Making a Difference Makes: Liability and Necessity

3. Distributive Justice and Liability



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Selected journal articles:

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Book chapters:

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Case notes:

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