Selina Abächerli

DPhil Socio-Legal Studies

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Lincoln College


Selina is a DPhil candidate at the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies and a 2019 Berrow Foundation Scholar at Lincoln College. 

Her research explores debates on 'Good Law' and legislative standards in the UK. She is interested in the discourse and practices surrounding form, content, language, and accessibility of legislation. Adopting a qualitative research approach, Selina compares and analyses different venues in which legislative standards are being negotiated, applied, and reformed. Her research project is supervised by Professor Fernanda Pirie.

Prior to joining the CSLS in 2020, Selina completed a Master of Science in Social Anthropology (Distinction) at the University of Oxford and a Bachelor of Arts in Social Anthropology and Classics (First-Class Honours) at the University of Bern, Switzerland. 

Selina has several years of teaching experience. At the University of Bern, she worked as an academic tutor for qualitative research methods (2018-19) at the Institute of Social Anthropology and as a tutor for Ancient Greek (2016-19) at the Institute of Classics. 

Research projects & programmes

Centre for Socio-Legal Studies