Six Silberman

Algorithmic Bias and Discrimination Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Michael ‘Six’ Silberman is a postdoctoral researcher in the iManage Project at Bonavero, contributing to research on regulating algorithmic management. Silberman has previously been a software engineer and trade union official, and was co-founder with Lilly Irani of Turkopticon, a client reputation system used by workers on Amazon’s ‘Mechanical Turk’ crowdsourcing platform. Silberman has contributed to research on environmental issues in information technology, the working conditions and rights of workers on digital labor platforms, and ecological economics. Silberman holds a PhD in Information and Computer Sciences from the University of California at Irvine.


Research Interests

  • Algorithmic management: practice and regulation
  • Data protection law in practice: compliance and enforcement
  • Digitally mediated markets: practice and governance
  • Codes of conduct, voluntary regulation, multistakeholder governance
  • Software engineering practices and methods; ‘software process’
  • Learning and teaching software engineering
  • Values-oriented software business models
  • Organizational learning