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  • T Krebs, 'Yearworth and the Law of Contract' (2012) Journal of Medical Ethics Special Issue - Human Body Parts/Property
  • Robert Freitag and T Krebs, 'Representation' in Stefan Vogenauer, Gerhard Dannemann (ed), European Contract Law and the 'Common Frame of Reference' (Oxford University Press 2012)
  • T Krebs, 'Review of Watts, P, Bowstead & Reynolds on Agency (19th ed.) and Munday, RJC, Agency: Law and Principles' (2011) Restitution Law Review 272 [Review]
  • T Krebs, 'Review of Busch, D (ed.) The Unauthorised Agent: Perspectives from European and Comparative Law' (2011) Lloyds Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly 152 [Review]
  • T Krebs, 'Agency Law for Muggles: Why There is no Magic in Agency' in Andrew Burrows, Edwin Peel (ed), Contract Formation and Parties (Oxford University Press 2010)
    ISBN: 978-0-19-958370-6
  • T Krebs, 'Art. 2, Section 2: Authority of agents' in Stefan Vogenauer, Jan Kleinheisterkamp (ed), Commentary on the Principles of European Commercial Contracts (PICC) (Oxford University Press 2009)
    ISBN: 9780199291755
  • T Krebs, 'Harmonisation and how not to do it: agency in the UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts 2004' (2009) Lloyds Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly 57
    ISBN: 0306-2945
  • T Krebs, 'The Fallacy of Restitution for Wrongs' in Andrew Burrows and Lord Rodger of Earlsferry (eds), Mapping the Law, Essays in Memory of Peter Birks (OUP 2006)
    ISBN: 0-19-920655-4
  • T Krebs, 'Eingriffskondiktion und Restitution for Wrongs im englischen Recht' in Reinhard Zimmermann (ed), Grundstrukturen eines Europ√§ischen Bereicherungsrechts (Mohr Siebeck e.K. 2005)
    ISBN: 3161485475
  • T Krebs, 'Unrequested Benefits in German Law' in Neyers, McInnes, Pitel (ed), Understanding Unjust Enrichment (Hart Publishing 2004)
    ISBN: 1841134236
  • T Krebs, 'In defence of unjust factors' in Johnston and Zimmermann (eds), Unjustified Enrichment - Key Issues in Comparative Perspective (Cambridge University Press 2002)
    Comparative essay rejecting suggestions that English law should adopt the German 'lack of legal cause' approach to enrichment liability.
    ISBN: 521808200
  • T Krebs, 'Stable Claims and Stable Defences - Change of Position and Disenrichment in England and Germany' in E.J.H. Schrage (ed), Unjust Enrichment and the Law of Contract (Kluwer Law 2001)
    A comparative essay resisting suggestions that the defence of change of position in England should be restrictively applied.
    ISBN: 90-411-1655-9
  • T Krebs, Restitution at the Crossroads: a comparative study (Cavendish 2001)
    ISBN: 1859416462

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