Yves Bonavero was born and educated in Paris. He holds a First-Class Honours degree in Philosophy and German, as well as an MA, from Oxford University. Yves Bonavero started his business career at ED&F Man, joining the partnership in 1983 and becoming Group Chief Executive Officer in 1987, aged 34. He retired from the City in his late thirties and has ever since held several non-executive directorships in companies ranging from hedge fund managers in Asia to commercial property investment and a mortgage bank in the UK, as well as food processing in Spain. Yves Bonavero is the chairman of Woodsford Consulting Ltd, which he founded in 1996, and of Woodsford Litigation Funding Ltd, which he founded in 2010 to promote access to justice for impecunious claimants with meritorious cases in the field of large commercial litigation and international arbitration.

Research projects & programmes

Bonavero Institute of Human Rights