Peter Lernyei

Peter Lernyei, Dean’s Scholar 2023-24 

Peter Lernyei

Name: Peter Lernyei

Programme: MPhil

I am from Liverpool and have been studying in Oxford since the age of 17. At the moment I am undertaking a research project on the topic of taxation law through the MPhil in Law programme at the Faculty.   

I have always been interested in research and especially so since starting my undergraduate degree here. I loved studying on the BA Jurisprudence but at many stages felt the urge to explore topics on a more in-depth level - I knew doctoral research would give me the opportunity to do just that.   

My research concerns corporation tax competition in the UK, addressing the key relevant legal changes of the last ten years to determine what constraints there are on the UK’s policymaking ability. In particular, I am currently looking at the legal impact of Brexit on this policymaking ability, as explored through a case study on tax incentives for locating headquarters in the UK as a way through which to attract greater foreign investment.  

Professor John Armour interviews MPhil Candidate Peter Lernyei


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