Valeria Verdolini

Valeria Verdolini graduated in Law at the University of Bologna (2005), LLM in Sociology of Law at the Onati Institute IISJ (2008) and took her ph.d in Sociology of Law at the University of Milan (2009). In the last 13 years she worked for the University of Milan (faculty of Law) and University of Milan-Bicocca (faculty of Sociology) on theoretical researches (on borders and processes of democratization) and empirical projects, combining qualitative and quantitative works and methods (as a title of examples: her post-doc was an ethnography of the post- revolutionary Tunisia; she worked on Urban security and safety projects for the Local Government of Lombardy). Recently, she participated to the Horizon 2020 project "Margin: takle insecurity in marginalized areas", coordinated by prof. Sonia Stefanizzi ( She is currently teaching in the master programme "Law and sustainable development" of the University of Milan, leading a workshop on "Inequality and social mobility". Her major publications focus on prison studies, feminism and processes of democratization. 

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