22 July 2019, Beyond markets: expert valuation in the compulsory purchase of subsoil rightspaper presented by Gabriel Darin

​14 September 2019, panel Culture as or against Sovereignty, European Society of International Law Conference, paper presented by Livia Holden.

27 September 2019, Cultural Expertise and the Fear of Absolution, Do Social Scientists Absolve?, Symposium, University of Cambridge, paper presented by Livia Holden.

3 - 4 October, 2019, Workshop for Collaborative Teaching Design on Cultural Expertise, convened by Livia Holden at Balliol and Trinity College - University of Oxford. Call for participants and further information here.

7 October 2019, Talk by Hakan Andersson 

7 October 2019, Cultural Expertise and International Commercial Arbitration, talk by Prof Giorgio Colombo, University of Nagoya