At EURO-EXPERT we are developing a course and teaching modules on cultural expertise. We are looking for higher education institutions and capacity building schools that are interested in participating for a contextually appropriate and collaborative design in view of experimentation and adoption.

Abstract of syllabus

This course will introduce students to cultural expertise, as including mediation and cultural expert witnessing in court and out of court. It is designed as a trajectory starting from theory to praxis and using socio-legal and critical studies. Students will first of all learn to discuss current representations of culture, law and the history of cultural expertise; students will study the regulation concerning cultural expert witnessing and mediation from a comparative perspective; and eventually examine the patterns of litigation involving a representative sample of multicultural-settings. Whilst the whole course is a mix of theory and practice, the first part of this course will engage students with a critical approach to history, law, and cultural studies and the second part of the course will be specifically devoted to practicing with expert report writing.

No previous requirements for this course. Teaching style is experiential (learning by doing) and student-led. It includes front lectures but develops on in-class problem solving as well as work in small groups and mini-fieldwork off campus. Students will design specific research plans and experiment how theoretical approaches can concretize in the field. Students will furthermore test fieldwork techniques during mini-fieldwork sessions, class-trips/experiments, and either participatory or single- fieldworker setting. Students will learn how to use the knowledge acquired in the field for expert reports writing. Group and individual performance will be monitored through self-assessment sessions and individual feedback.

How to participate

Please contact us with an expression of interest and a short description of the way you may participate outlining also the reasons for your interest in designing and adopting a course on cultural expertise. Check our call for chapters for a reader on cultural expertise.