Collaborative Teaching Design on Cultural Expertise: Call for Participation

At EURO-EXPERT we are developing a course and teaching modules on cultural expertise. Potential partners are welcome to contact us.

At EURO-EXPERT we are developing a new course on cultural expertise. We are looking for higher education institutions and capacity building centres that are interested in participating for a contextually appropriate and collaborative design in view of experimentation and adoption. We call for the participation of scholars and professionals of law to our upcoming workshop to be held at Balliol College on the 3rd and 4th October 2019. 
Prospective participants are requested to identify a real professional demand for cultural expertise and develop a case-study to present at the workshop: ex. socio-legal expertise for asylum applications, professional training that would benefit from a contextually tailored design such as gender sensitisation for the legal profession; diversity sensitisation in education, penitentiary, and health sectors; capacity building for professionals who work with vulnerable groups, capacity building for cultural mediators, sensitisation on LGBT rights, domestic violence.
Presentations with a primary applied component should expand on the following questions:
1) Real site for cultural expertise 
2) Issues that cultural expertise can address
3) Audience (professionals and students) who will benefit from a training on cultural expertise
Presentations with both theoretical and applied components should expand on the following questions :
1) Identify and review main definitions and debates revolving around your chosen topic
2) Position your work and scholarship within these debates
3) Present at least 3 case-studies
4) Include two bibliographic lists (short bibliographic list with the most important publications on the topics, long bibliographic list for further readings). 
The outputs of this workshop will be a syllabus and a textbook on cultural expertise. Check also our call for chapters.
How to participate
Please send us an abstract between 800 and 1000 words excluding bibliography and 200 words BIO by the 30th May 2019.

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