Venetia Argyropoulou

Venetia Argyropoulou is a Law Lecturer  at the European University Cyprus (Master - University of Oslo, PhD - University of Tilburg). She is educated in both civil and common law and has been actively practicing law in Greece and Cyprus. She has worked as researcher for the University of Cyprus and as Lecturer for the University of West London. She is a member of the Spark Legal Network and the Cyprus Correspondent of the IBFD, Tax Analysts, IBA’s Taxes Committee, the World Bank’s Women, Business and the Law Initiative, OECD's Social Institutions and Gender Index and the Observatory for Taxpayers’ Rights.  Furthermore, she is Correspondent in the Yearbook of International Environmental Law on the IMF’s Initiatives for Environment, Oxford Publishing. Additionally, she is listed in the European Court of Auditor’s list of Experts in Financial Law and she has been selected as the best international law lawyer of Cyprus for 2016 and 2017 by Best 100 and International Advisory Experts. Lastly, she is IBA’s Individual Tax and Private Client Committee Scholar for 2017.

Among her most important publications see:

Argyropoulou V. “Coming In From The Cold” The Latest Tax Amnesty In Greece And Lessons For The Future." Journal of Int'l Law and Policy UC Davis School of Law (2018)

Argyropoulou V. “Financial Crisis in the EU; Is EU to blame? Liability of EU Institutions in case of acts of default within the EU”, Washington International Law Review (2018)

Argyropoulou V. Convergence and divergence between international investments law and human rights law, in the context of the Greek sovereign debt restructuring, Journal of Business, Entrepreneurship And The Law (2018)

Argyropoulou V. The Cyprus Banking Haircut and Human Rights, the way to go? Pepperdine Dispute Resolution Law Journal (2018)

Argyropoulou V. International Arbitration and Greek Sovereign Debt: Poštová Banka v. Hellenic Republic, What if? Investors’ Protection in the Case of the Greek Sovereign Default under Investment Treaties and Customary Law, Oregon International Law Journal (2018)

Argyropoulou V., Foreign Tax & Trade Briefs in Cyprus, in Matthew Bender’s Foreign Tax & Trade Briefs - International Withholding Tax Treaty Guide, Second Edition, Second Edition, Lexis Nexis, (2017)

Argyropoulou V, Money Laundering, Asset Forfeiture and Recovery and Compliance -- A Global Guide, Lexis Nexis, (2017)

Argyropoulou V., Abuse of Double Taxation Treaties and ways to combat it”, Essays in honour of Professor Jacques Farsedakis, Nomiki Vivliothiki, (2017)

Argyropoulou V., Cash Pooling and Insolvency in Cyprus, in Marcel Willems on behalf of the International Bar Association (eds.), Cash Pooling and Insolvency: A Practical Global Handbook, Second Edition, Globe Law and Business, (2016)

Argyropoulou V. Tatiana Synodinou, Philippe Jougliex, Georgia Parpa, Andreas Christoforou Cyprus Private Law, Comprehensive Article by Article Analysis, Sakkoulas, (2014)


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