Research Assistant in Commercial Dispute Resolution

Internal Applicants Only

Deadline: 2 November 2023

Professor Horst Eidenmueller is looking for a research assistant to help with a project on “Civil Procedure Reforms in a Post-Pandemic and Post-Brexit World”.

The project aims are described here.

The task for the Research Assistant will be to evaluate the results from an online survey on the dispute resolution preferences of users.


Duration and hours

Working hours: a total of up to 50 hours across the duration of the project, to be agreed with the project supervisor.

Start date: 6 November 2023

Date by which the work must be completed: 22 December 2023



The Research Assistant will report to Professor Horst Eidenmueller.



  • Experience of empirical research (quantitative methods) is essential.
  • Experience of the following software/applications is essential: Qualtrics.
  • A good understanding of the field of commercial law and dispute resolution is desirable.

Your normal place of work will be the St Cross Building or the Manor Road Building, Manor Road.  However, provided you have the agreement of your PI/Supervisor, and a suitable space to work (including library access if required), it may be possible to undertake the work remotely, which could be anywhere in the UK.  

Please note that you will be required to complete a Right to Work check before starting work. The Law Faculty HR Team will contact you directly to arrange for the appropriate check to take place. What is a right to work check? | Staff Immigration (



This opportunity is open to current graduate students in the Faculty of Law and the Oxford Internet Institute, and the hours are in line with the restrictions on working hours for students within the Law Faculty.

It is expected that the work will be undertaken in the UK. 


Rate of Pay

The work will be paid at £17.03 per hour, which equates to University Grade 6, point 1, on the basis of completed and approved timesheets, which must be submitted to by the last Friday of each calendar month for payment on the last working day of the following month.

In addition, paid annual leave will be assumed to be taken in the month in which it was accrued.



This opportunity is funded by a donation made by Freshfields (BA0000-CB129).


How to Apply

A short CV and cover letter (including the name of your supervisor) should be sent by email to by 1 November 2023. Please explain how you meet the requirements for the role, and give details of your availability. Supervisors may be asked for a reference. 

Enquiries about the project are welcome, and may be addressed to Professor Horst Eidenmueller. General queries, e.g. about the appointment process, or eligibility, may be addressed to

Guidelines for Faculty members, line managers and students

Work must not commence without a letter of engagement or variable hours contract and a right to work check having been carried out by the Faculty Personnel Officer.

Graduate student engagement opportunities in the Faculty of Law usually fall into one of three categories: Research AssistantGraduate Teaching Assistant; or Blog Editor

Full-time graduate students in the Faculty of Law may work up to 8 hours per week, or a common sense average across the year, regardless of the type of work.

Students may not work for their own supervisor without the approval of the Associate Dean for Graduate Students.

Any queries regarding the eligibility of a particular student should be directed to Geraldine Malloy in the Faculty Office.