The Leverhulme Research Project Grant offers up to £500,000 for up to 5 Years. It enables individuals to conduct innovative and original research projects of high quality and potential and must reflect the personal vision of the applicant, demonstrating compelling competence in the research design.


At the Faculty of Law, both permanent postholders staff are eligible to apply for funds to cover replacement teaching costs (for up to a third of full time over the project life) and a fixed term researcher who is looking to secure a salary would need to be a named researcher on the project (not the PI or CoI). For further information, please visit the section on "I need my salary covered".

Detailed eligibility criteria are also set out within the Leverhulme Eligibility Criteria.


There is considerable flexibility when it comes to subject area. The choice of theme and design of the research is entirely up to the main applicant (Principal Investigator). However, we advise that you carefully read the statement on the Leverhulme Trust’s approach to grant-making prior to making an application.

You can submit a first-stage 'outline' application at any time - there are no fixed closing dates, but you should allow at least 12 weeks for review and then time to submit the full application to meet one of the three deadlines. 

The Trust favours applications that surmount traditional disciplinary academic boundaries and involve a willingness to take appropriate degrees of risk in setting research objectives.

Applications should be made via the Leverhulme Trust Grant Application System. Please allow sufficient time to read the system guidance notes especially with regards to the on-line approval process.

For further information (including guidance and advice on writing an application) please refer to the Leverhulme website for this scheme.


Please allow sufficient time for your application to be reviewed and amended at each stage. This will allow us to support you more effectively and ensure that your proposal is ready for formal submission.

FUNDER DEADLINE: 1st December 2016



Law faculty deadline for initial expression of interest-n/a
Law faculty deadline for first draft review12 August 2016 (-10)19 August 2016 (-5)
Research Services deadline19 August 2016 (-5)19 August 2016 (-5)
Faculty advised submission date26 August 2016n/a
Funder deadlinen/a1 December 2016


FUNDER DEADLINE: 21st March 2017OutlineFull
Law Faculty deadline for initial expression of interest8 November 2016 (-25)n/a
Law Faculty deadline for first draft review15 November 2016 (-20)22 November 2016 (-15)
Research Services deadline6 December 2016 (-5)6 December 2016 (-5)
Faculty advised submission date13 December 2016n/a
Funder deadlinen/a21 March 2017


FUNDER DEADLINE: 25th August 2017OutlineFull
Law Faculty deadline for initial expression of interest7 April 2017 (-25)n/a
Law Faculty deadline for first draft review14 April 2017 (-20)21 April 2017 (-15)
Research Services deadline12 May 2017 (-5)12 May 2017 (-5)
Faculty advised submission date19 May 2017n/a
Funder deadlinen/a25 August 2017
FUNDER DEADLINE: 1st December 2017OutlineFull
Law Faculty deadline for initial expression of interest21 July 2017 (-25)n/a
Law Faculty deadline for first draft review28 July 2017 (-20)4 August 2017 (-15)
Research Services deadline18 August 2017 (-5)18 August 2017 (-5)
Faculty advised submission date25 August 2017n/a
Funder deadlinen/a1 December 2017

Assessment for 'outline' applications is normally completed within three months. If successful, the applicant will be invited to submit a detailed proposal and once submitted, a decision on the detailed application will be announced within 3-4 months. Therefore, when submitting a proposal, assume a project start date at least 8 months from submission of the 'outline' proposal and/or 5-6 months from submission of a detailed proposal.