MPhil in Criminology


The Master of Philosophy in Criminology (MPhil) is a one year full time research degree available only as an add-on to the taught MSc Criminology and Criminal Justice degree. Admission to the MPhil Criminology is conditional upon good performance in the MSc. If you are an MSc student who intends to stay on for the MPhil, you will not graduate from the MSc – the MPhil is, in effect, the second year of a degree in its own right.  Students must take up their MPhil places straight after their Master’s degree. MPhil candidates must write a supervised thesis of up to 30,000 words, as well as completing a course in research methods.

Postgraduate Research Handbook 2021-22

Course in brief

Course length
1 year, full-time

Applications to transfer to the MPhil Criminology are handled by the Centre. If you want to transfer to the MPhil you must signify your wish to do so at the end of your first term and then submit your research proposal, supporting documents and the appropriate application.

DPhil in Criminology

Criminology Social Area

For those interested in taking their research further, the MPhil year can also double as the first year of the Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil) programme. A student studying for a DPhil will spend their first year as a Probationer Research Student before taking the Qualifying Test to become a full DPhil student. However as an MPhil student you can apply for admission to the DPhil (DPhil Criminology Admissions) and if successful, your MPhil year then counts as the first year of the DPhil in place of the Probationer Research Student year and (subject to certain regulations) you can incorporate the MPhil thesis into the final DPhil thesis.

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