The BCL presents a unique opportunity, and I would recommend it wholeheartedly. As a Masters program, it changed the way I think about Law and transformed my approach to our discipline. The chance to delve into areas of law in such detail, lead at the helm by world-leading academics, and discuss those professors' latest thoughts on a topic, was fantastic. The tutorial system gave students the opportunity to present their own ideas to a group, defend them and revise them, and receive thoughtful and critical feedback, and my writing capabilities increased dramatically as a result. The courses I took on the BCL also inspired me to apply to a research degree at Oxford and has served as an excellent foundation for my future academic career, as an internationally respected postgraduate program. 

But life in Oxford is much more than just study. Via the BCL, I met a group of exceptional young scholars from around the world, with whom I have created lasting friendships, and all of whom share my passion for the study of Law which was a new experience for me. I was also a member of a college, through which I was able to participate in the novel social life of Oxford, filled with formal dinners in gowns, traditions old and new, and a whole host of other activities like rowing, music and student societies.