Eighth International Roman Law Moot Court Competition

Event date
14 - 17 April
Event time
00:00 - 00:00
Oxford week
Vico Equense – Pompei – Napoli

Students and acadmics from the Universities of Athens, Cambridge, Liège, Naples, Oxford, Trier, Tübingen and Vienna will assemble amidst the mediaeval splendour of Vico Equense’s Castello Giusso and to the evocative grandeur of the archaeological site of Pompeii, for the Eighth International Roman Law Moot Court Competition. The Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II is very pleased to host this year’s event, following two very successful competitions in Oxford and the initial lustrum of moots in Kavala and Philippi under the auspices of the Institute Mohamed Ali for the Research of the Eastern Tradition.

The International Roman Law Moot brings together students and academics from different European jurisdictions to promote the study of Roman law and the common legal inheritance of Europe. The Moot offers a unique opportunity to debate fundamental concepts of Roman delict, contract and property law, as developed by the Roman jurists and applied by modern courts. The setting of a mock court allows promising advocates from different juristic traditions to enhance their skills of persuasive forensic argument and of legal research and analysis, to collaborate closely with teammates, and to interact with academic staff, practitioners and judges in an environment that is both challenging and enjoyable.