After the Treaty is Signed: Do States Internalise Investment Treaty Commitments in Their Decision Making

Event date
9 November 2023
Event time
12:45 - 14:00
Oxford week
MT 5
The Old Library - All Souls College and Online

Professor N. Jansen CALAMITA, 

Head, Investment Law & Policy, Centre for International Law

Research Associate Professor (CIL), Faculty of Law

National University of Singapore

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Investment treaties are said to improve the rule of law in the states which enter into them. Fearing claims, governments will internalise international investment obligations into their decision-making processes, resulting in positive spill-over effects on the rule of law. Such arguments have never been backed by empirical research.

In this talk, Professor Calamita discusses his new book with Ayelet Berman in which they test (and debunk) these assumptions through case studies of eight Asian countries, providing a typology of processes that governments have tried to use to internalise their commitments and identifying the factors that have made internalisation so difficult.


N. Jansen Calamita is Principal Research Fellow, Centre for International Law, and Research Associate Professor (CIL), Faculty of Law, at the National University of Singapore. He is head of the Centre’s programme on Investment Law and Policy. He was previously Director of the Investment Treaty Forum at the British Institute of International and Comparative Law in London. He has previously held posts on the law faculties of the University of Oxford and the University of Birmingham.

You can find his most recent edited book, "Investment Treaties and the Rule of Law Promise: An Examination of the Internalisation of International Commitments in Asia" here.


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