Legal Transplant, Diffusion, and Mutations: Asian Contract Laws (UK/EUR)

Event date
25 April 2023
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12:30 - 13:30
Oxford week
TT 1
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An exclusive webinar for alumni with the Dean, Professor Mindy Chen-Wishart

Borrowing is the main way law changes, very little is original in law. The contract laws of most Asian jurisdictions derive from transplants from Europe, namely English, German, and French laws. But, once transplanted, the laws are living and not static; their development in the recipient jurisdiction can be taxonomized in at least eight different ways.  Any genuine attempt to harmonise Asian contract laws will need us to understand local laws, identify the functional convergences, and resolve the divergences by agreeing on the best solutions.

Join us on Tuesday 25 April for an exclusive webinar for alumni, friends and supporters of Oxford Law, based across the USA with the Dean, Professor Mindy Chen-Wishart.

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