Mindy Chen-Wishart

Professor of the Law of Contract

Faculty officer role(s):

Dean of the Faculty; Chair of the Law Board


Mindy Chen-Wishart is a Professor of the Law of Contract at Oxford University and a Tutorial Fellow in Law at Merton College, and currently also the Dean of the Faculty of Law.

She was formerly a Senior Lecturer at Otago University in New Zealand and a Rhodes Visiting Research Fellow at St. Hilda's College before taking up her current position. She has taught Contract, Restitution, Torts and Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Consumer Protection Law and Introduction to Law. She is involved in graduate teaching in Philosophical Foundations of the Common Law and Private Law and Fundamental Rights. She is author of Contract Law (7th ed), and is leading a series titled Studies in the Contract Laws of Asia, published with OUP; volumes I-IV are published. She holds a fractional Professorship at the National University of Singapore and has held Visiting Professorships in Asia, Australasia and Europe. She delivered the Fourth Annual International and Comparative Quarterly Lecture as author of the best paper in 2013, has lectured to the Judicial College in the UK, Hong Kong and Taiwan and is an Editor of Chitty.


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