Nonrandom Walks of Knowledge, Wide Epistemic Responsibility, and Criminal Blameworthiness

Event date
19 February 2024
Event time
13:00 - 14:30
Oxford week
HT 6
Manor Road Building - Seminar Room E

Dimitrius Moragiorgas, PhD Student, School of Law and Economics

The Oxford Conspiracy Theory Discussion Group (ConspirOX) is proud to host Dimitrius Moragiorgas from the London School of Economics.  He will be presenting findings from his innovative and incredibly relevant PhD research into the intersection of conspiracy theories and legal responsibility in the United Kingdom.

Dimitrius' presentation will examine the dynamics of participation in closed epistemic communities, the construction of alternative interpretive frameworks, and the corresponding weakening of the normative grip of legal rules that occurs for individuals inside of them. He will then explore the conditions that may negate or mitigate criminal responsibility by examining how the conceptual framework of English criminal law defences can classify the position of those whose offences are related to beliefs formed in closed epistemic communities.

This will be an incredibly interesting presentation relevant to so many aspects of the modern legal system, so please come along and hear about it for yourself!

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Socio-Legal Studies