Third International Conference 'Punishment in Global Peripheries'

Event date
17 - 19 July
Event time
09:00 - 18:30
Oxford week
TT 13


In 2021, the first international conference ‘Punishment in Global Peripheries’ was held online in an attempt to challenge the Northern-centric approach that has dominated the literature on punishment and society. In 2022, this initiative was taken forward. Scholars from around the world gathered in Oxford for the second edition of this conference, further developing these discussions and solidifying this network.

The Third International Conference ‘Punishment in Global Peripheries’ seeks to amplify this network and make this debate on punishment in peripheral countries even more diverse.
We welcome contributions on punishment in peripheral contexts, and are particularly interested in papers that engage with and explore the following topics:

  •  ‘Legacies’ of imperialism, colonialism, and authoritarianism in contemporary penality, including the problematisation of theoretical tools to think of them.
  • Travels of penal policies and knowledge about punishment across core and peripheral contexts, and within peripheral contexts 
  • Complexities and peculiar features of penal trends, institutions, and practices in peripheral settings and explanations of them, in terms of change and persistence. 
  • Innovative methodological and theoretical perspectives to think peripheral realities

Submission of abstracts

Please register using the google form and upload your abstract there. Abstracts of up to 300 words should be submitted by 15 March 2023. If you have problems accessing this form, please write to, or

Abstracts should be in a Word format, and their title should be the author’s surname. Decisions shall be communicated no later than 27 March 2023. Authors whose abstracts are accepted should send their papers (at least a polished draft of 6,000-8,000 words) by 26 June 2023.

The event will be held in a hybrid format, physically taking place in the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, India, but online participation and attendance will also be made possible.

Please note there is limited funding available for speakers’ accommodation, so when submitting your paper, please indicate whether you would like to be considered for this.
This conference is hosted by the Global Criminal Justice Hub, Oxford Centre for Criminology (United Kingdom), the Programa Delito y Sociedad, Universidad Nacional del Litoral (Argentina), and the Centre for Criminology and Justice, School of Social Work, Tata Institute of Social Sciences (India).

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