Funds should be used to support high quality research, impact and/or capacity building activity that addresses the challenges of economic development and well-being faced by developing countries on the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Development Assistance Committee (DAC) list (click here).   For more information on the fund, please click here.


Applications are welcomed from members of any department or faculty at the University of Oxford. The PI(s) must be a current employee of the University of Oxford, holding an academic post, or PI on a research contract awarded competitively and intended to enable the holder to establish an independent research career, with their current employment outlasting the duration of this project. 
The funds can be used for any activity or combination of activity listed below.
• Capacity and capability building
• Interdisciplinary and collaborative research activity
• Generating impact from research both within and beyond the sector
• Pump-priming activities to underpin GCRF and Newton bids to other funders, including relationship building
• Rapid response to emergencies where there is an urgent research need

Application process 

Applications should be submitted on IRAMS. More detailed information about what to include in each section is given in the form. Completed application forms should be submitted via IRAMS and all costs should be calculated with the relevant support staff on X5.