Centre for Socio-Legal Studies launches its programme of events for Michaelmas term

The Centre for Socio-Legal Studies has just released details of its public events for the Michaelmas term 2022.  Starting on 17th October, the events programme this term has a strong international flavour and will examine issues as diverse as legal pluralism in Afghanistan, bureaucratic justice in Jordan, the prosecution of mass crimes in France and colonial archives as well as the Socio-Legal dynamics of public space and the living rule of law.  We welcome anyone interested in joining. 

The seminars are held in Manor Road, Oxford on Monday afternoons from 4.30-6pm and are always followed by refreshments for those who have attended the seminar.  In order to make these events as accessible to as many people as possible, we will be operating each event in a hybrid format this year. The Centre students also run a series of Socio-Legal discussion groups run by our students for students.

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