2024 CSLS Annual Lecture Recording Released Online and Openly Accessible

The Oxford Centre for Socio-Legal Studies is pleased to announce that the video of our 2024 annual lecture is now accessible on an open access basis.

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This year's lecture, delivered by Professor Annelise Riles, explored the theme 'Everyday Ambassadors: Lessons from Socio-Legal Studies for a Fractured World'. The event was organized in collaboration with the Law and Societies research cluster at Wolfson College.

Each year, our annual lecture provides an opportunity to engage with and celebrate the work of a distinguished socio-legal scholar. We were honored to host Professor Riles, whose extensive research spans human rights, cultural differences, and global financial market regulation. Her publications encompass comparative law, conflict of laws, financial regulation, and central banking.

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In addition to delivering the annual lecture, Professor Riles conducted a workshop with our research students during her time in Oxford, focusing on contemporary perceptions of experts in the twenty-first century.

Established in 1972, the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies is a multidisciplinary research centre addressing critical issues such as access to justice, law beyond borders, law in a digital world, regulation and governance and lived experiences of human rights.