Centre for Socio-Legal Studies opens applications for its sixth annual Methodology Masterclass

The Oxford Centre for Socio-Legal Studies hosted the sixth annual  Socio-Legal Methodology Masterclass on 4th-5th September 2023 this year.  Eighty students applied for one of twenty places on this intensive two day workshop which focuses on socio-legal methodology and fieldwork experiences.

The students who attended got the opportunity to spend two days at an Oxford College talking to experienced researchers about the co-production of data, the concept of interpreting data, revisiting the scientific model and the empirical-policy interface. The workshops were highly interactive and conversation about topics spill over into lunch, dinner and free-time.

One of the students who attended said of the event:

The masterclass proved to be an exceptionally captivating and intellectually stimulating journey, offering me a number of insights into the realm of socio-legal methodology. Engaging with esteemed scholars was incredibly immersive, and it left me with a newfound confidence in the art of conducting socio-legal research. Surrounded by a circle of astute and insightful scholars, these dialogues not only expanded my comprehension of the subject matter but also served to alleviate some of the main apprehensions I had. The power of conversation, in this context, cannot be overstated, as it fostered a dynamic learning environment where ideas flowed freely, and diverse viewpoints were not only tolerated but celebrated. I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity to participate in this masterclass, as it not only enriched my academic pursuits but also reinforced my belief in the transformative potential of open and inclusive conversations in the pursuit of knowledge.

2023 Masterclass

 This masterclass was been made possible as a result of generous support from the ESRC, the Journal of Law and Society, the Oxford Centre for Socio-Legal Studies and the Welsh ESRC Doctoral Training Partnership.