CSLS launches new podcast

The Oxford Centre for Socio-Legal Studies (CSLS) is delighted to announce the launch of a set of new podcasts on our Frontiers of Socio-Legal Studies podcast. These are part of our ‘Talking about Methods’ series.

This particular series has been co-produced with colleagues from ANU POLIS: The Centre for Social Policy Research at the Australian National University. POLIS focuses on data-driven analysis of social policy, innovation social research methods, and social science methods training.   They work actively in partnership with government, community, and business sectors to develop and deploy socially-transformative policy solutions.

CSLS & ANU logos

Speaking about the collaboration with the Oxford Centre for Socio-Legal Studies Professor Meredith Rossner at ANU remarked: 

Across the world, early career researchers, and those of us who are more established, face similar methodological questions and dilemmas when carrying out empirical research.  This mini podcast series represents a fantastic collaboration between two research Centres at opposite ends of the world focusing on a shared set of questions and responses.   

Podcasts in this mini-series will be published every month from February onwards on 07/02/24, 06/03/24, 03/04/24 and 01/05/24. CSLS encourages anyone with an interest in suggesting a topic for a podcast to get in touch with the editorial team at blog@csls.ox.ac.uk .