CSLS Postdoctoral Fellow receives a host of national and international awards

This week the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies is celebrating the achievements of Nafay Choudhury, a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow based at the Centre. Nafay’s work sits at the intersection of socio-legal studies, legal pluralism, economic development, and the rule of law. His research explores the fragmented and plural forms of order that exist within the state, alongside the state, and beyond the state. In the last twelve months Nafay has received a host of national and international awards for his work, including those bestowed by three of the leading law and society associations in the world.  

“Order in the Bazaar: The Transformation of Non-state Law in Afghanistan’s Premier Money Exchange Market.” Law & Social Inquiry, 47(1), 292-330 received the Socio-Legal Studies Association Article Prize (2022); the Asian Law & Society Association Distinguished Article Award (2022) and “Transactions as Trust: The Regulation of Informal Trade Credit by Afghanistan’s Money Exchangers” Transnational Law & Contemporary Problem, 31(2) 341-372 won the Trandafir Writing Competition prize which is awarded by the journal Transnational Law & Contemporary Problems (2022).

Commenting on the award of the SLSA prize Dr Choudhury said:

I am grateful to be in contention for the SLSA Socio-Legal Article Prize and to be among such distinguished authors on the shortlist. The article is based on 14 months of fieldwork on market dynamics in Afghanistan. The SLSA community sits at the forefront of socio-legal research, and I appreciate that my work has been received so positively by this community.

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