New book: "Philosophical Foundations of Precedent"

Cover of Philosophical Foundations of Precedent

Timothy Endicott, Hafsteinn Dan Kristjánsson, and Sebastian Lewis have edited a new book, Philosophical Foundations of Precedent, which will be released on 18 April 2023.

The book is the largest-scale contribution to the philosophical investigation of precedent and “focuses on the nature and authority of earlier decisions and the forms of reasoning that precedent involves in common law and civil law systems”. It also features chapters written by other Oxford University academics including Adam Perry, Grant Lamond, Leah Trueblood, Nick Barber, and Peter Hatfield.

Philosophical Foundations of Precedent is available to pre-order in hardback and eBook format and is published by Oxford University Press.

On 23 March at 1.30pm in the Old Library of All Souls College, there will be a Book Symposium to celebrate the release of the book which is open to all.