We appreciate the interest in exploring avenues with Oxford University law students to learn more about their career possibilities. We know the importance of attracting trainees with strong academic qualifications, particularly those who have had to prove themselves in an environment such as Oxford Law where the tutorial system puts students in a position of developing and defending their thoughts and opinions with their tutors.

In general, all such requests are handled by the University’s Careers Service. The Careers Service deals with recruitment initiatives run by many law firms and other potential employers of law graduates. For more information, please visit the dedicated pages on their site. For further information, the Employer Relations Team can be contacted by phone on 01865 274663 or by email at recruiters@careers.ox.ac.uk

It is the Law Faculty’s policy that our involvement in facilitating contact with our students, either within the Law Faculty or through distribution of materials for internships, trainee posts, external events, receptions etc., comes as one of the many ways in which we thank our benefactors. 

Benefactors' Benefits include: 

  • Assistance with outreach to students for recruitment events and application deadlines. (This includes advice on outreach to Oxford colleges, sharing contact details for the Law Society Presidents and Bar Society, circulating term dates and a current list of senior law tutors / ‘Key College Contacts’)

  • Assistance with organising and promoting recruitment/career events run in the Faculty, the Careers Service, or even via student groups such as the Law Society and Bar Society

  • Offers of involvement in our widening access programmes and diversity initiatives run in Oxford

  • Information re enrolled students. (Please note all data is anonymised for data protection)

  • Advertising, via targeted emails to relevant students, any recruitment activities taking place in Oxford or elsewhere

  • Working with benefactors to help inform our students of career opportunities

  • Name recognition for all benefactors on the Faculty’s Benefactors Board, on the cover of our annual publication Oxford Law News (which is distributed to around 15,000 subscribers, including our alumni) and on the Faculty of Law website 

  • Provide those benefactors attending the Oxford Law Fair with a ‘We Fund Oxford Law’ benefactor’s placard to display