We know the importance of attracting trainees with strong academic qualifications, particularly those who have had to prove themselves in an environment such as Oxford Law where the tutorial system puts students in a position of developing and defending their thoughts and opinions with their tutors.

In general, all such requests are handled by the University’s Careers Service. Careers deals with recruitment initiatives by very many law firms and other potential employers of law graduates. For more information, please visit the dedicated pages on their site  or call the Employer Relations Team on 01865 274663 or email them at recruiters@careers.ox.ac.uk


It is the Law Faculty’s policy that our involvement in facilitating contact with our students, either within the Law Faculty or through distribution of materials for internships, trainee posts, external events, receptions etc., comes as one of the many ways in which we thank our benefactors. Please see our Benefactors page for more information.