Lawyers for a changing world

Clifford Chance is one of the world’s foremost law firms, with more tier one ranked practice areas than any other firm. We are a Times Graduate Employer of Choice, and in 2016 we were named the number one law firm in the Chamber's Global Top 30 for the third year running.

Our firm

…advises clients on every continent and in every major business centre in the world. With thousands of lawyers working from dozens of offices in nearly thirty countries, we support some of the world’s largest companies in multi-jurisdictional, cross-practice transactions of increasing size and complexity. We operate across six practice areas; Finance, Capital Markets, Corporate, Litigation and Dispute Resolution, Real Estate and Tax, Pensions & Employment.

Our people

…are as diverse and distinct as the work they do, and come from a whole range of educational backgrounds. What they have in common is a collaborative and adaptive culture that brings unparalleled insight and formidable intellect to bear on the most intricate and interesting of legal problems.

The Training Contract

…puts theory into practice. It's when you move from learning about the law to actually doing it. Although the work you'll do will be complex, the objective of these two years is simple: to transform you from talented beginner into a professional lawyer.

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