Commercial Law

The Impact of EU Public Policy on Annulment, Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards in International Commercial Arbitration
Alix de Zitter, supervised by Professor Thomas Krebs
Submitted in 2020

Principles of Implementation A Comparative Analysis of the Cape Town Conventions Remedies
Thomas Traschler, supervised by Professor Sir Roy Goode and Professor Louise Gullifer
Submitted in 2018

Challenges to Effective Treaty-making in Contemporary Transnational Commercial law: Lessons from the Cape Town Convention
Anton Didenko, supervised by Professor Sir Roy Goode and Professor Louise Gullifer
Submitted in 2017

Establishing an International Registration System for the Assignment and Security Interest of Receivables
Woo-Jung Jon, supervised by Professor Louise Gullifer
Submitted in 2013

Why are Joint Venture Agreements the Preferred Form of Co-Operation Agreement in the Qatari Gas Industry?
Talal Abdulla Al-Emadi, supervised by Professor Bettina Lange, Professor Ewan McKendrick 
Submitted in 2013

Standby Letters of Credit in International Trade
Ramandeep Kau China, supervised by Professor Thomas Krebs
Submitted in 2012