Comparative Law

Time Limits on the Prosecution of Crimes: a theoretical and comparative study of English and German law
Carla Sepulveda Penna, supervised by Professor Matthew Dyson
Submitted in 2023

Comparative Law in International Investment law
Xuan Shao, supervised by Professor Antonios Tzanakopoulos
Submitted in 2023

Comparative Legal Reasoning in Strict Liability
Marco Cappelletti, supervised by Professor Simon Whittaker
Submitted in 2020

Separation and Abstraction in Property Transfers: A Comparative Study of English and Chinese Law
Zhicheng Wu, supervised by Professor William Swadling
Submitted in 2018

A Comparative Study of Reliance in the Unilateral Breaking-off of Contractual Negotiations
Isabel Margarita Zuloaga Rios, supervised by Professor John Cartwright
Submitted in 2017

Perceptions of Institutions of Justice: Comparative Study in English and Russian Lower Courts
Andrianova Varvara, supervised by Dr Marina Kurkchiyan
Submitted in 2016

Duty of Care: a Comparative Common Law Analysis 
James C Plunkett, supervised by Professor Donal Nolan
Submitted in 2016

A Law and Economics Analysis of Corporate Opportunities Doctrines from a Comparative Perspective
Marco Claudio Corradi, supervised by Professor Paul Davies
Submitted in 2015

Joint Criminal Enterprise in English and German Law
Beatrice Krebs, supervised Dr Grant Lamond
Submitted in 2015

​Constitutionalism under China : Strategic Interpretation of the Hong Kong Basic Law in Comparative Perspective
Eric Chi Yeung Ip, supervised by Professor Denis Galligan
Submitted in 2013

Unfair Prices in Contracts in English and French Law
Ciara Kennefick, supervised by Professor Simon Whittaker
Submitted in 2012

Political Questions and Non-Justiciability in U.S. federal and English Public Law
David Tomkins, supervised by Professor John Finnis
Submitted in 2011

Dispositions in Breach of Trust : A Comparison of English and Japanese Responses
Ying-Chieh Wu, supervised by William Swadling
Submitted in 2010

A Study of Islamic Law and English Common Law on Aspects of Islamic Finance Securitisations
Hanan Balala, supervised by Professor Fidelis Oditah
Submitted in 2010