The Jurisprudence of Constitutional Conflict in the European Union
Ana Bobic, supervised by Professor Angus Johnston
Submitted in 2017

Legal Mosaics: The Post-Mubarak Egyptian Constitutions, their Legal Legacies and Constitutional Heritages
Heather McRobie, supervised by Professor Denis Galligan
Submitted in 2017

​Against Monism & In Favour of an Anatomical Approach to Administrative Law
Joanna Bell, supervised by Professor Liz Fisher
Submitted in 2017

​Judges, Social Rules and the Constitution: An Empirical Inquiry into the Foundations of South African Law
Nicholas David Friedman, supervised by Professor Denis Galligan
Submitted in 2017

A Crisis of Democratic Accountability: Public Libel Law and the Checking Function of the Press
Randall Stephenson, supervised by Professor Alison Young
Submitted in 2016

Some Main Aspects of State Sovereignty, with Special Reference to the Distinction between External and Internal Sovereignty
Andrea Dolcetti, supervised by Professor John Finnis
Submitted in 2016

The Legal Personality of the Commonwealth of Australia
Sebastian Hartford Davis, supervised by Professor Joshua Getzler
Submitted in 2016

Conceptualising Political Candidacy as a Human Right
Alecia Johns, supervised by Professor Paul Craig
Submitted in 2015

Albanian Law and Nation Building
Eleanor Pritchard, supervised Professor Fernanda Pirie
Submitted in 2014

Constitutionalism under China : Strategic Interpretation of the Hong Kong Basic Law in Comparative Perspective
Eric Chi Yeung Ip, supervised by Professor Denis Galligan
Submitted in 2013

Implied Constitutional Principles
Han-Ru Zhou, supervised by Nicholas Bamforth
Submitted in 2013

The Constitutionality of Electoral Quotas for Women
José Manuel Díaz de Valdés, supervised by Professor Christopher McCrudden 
Submitted in 2013

The 'full liberty of public writers' : Special Treatment of Journalism in English Law
Richard Danbury, supervised by Professor Alison Young 
Submitted in 2013

Political Questions and Non-Justiciability in U.S. federal and English Public Law
David Tomkins, supervised by Professor John Finnis
Submitted in 2011

The War Prerogative: History, Reform and Constitutional Design
Joseph Rosara, supervised by Professor Paul Craig
Submitted in 2011

Freedoms of Press and Speech in the First Decade of the U.S. Supreme Court
Wendell Bird, supervised by Professor Michael Macnair
Submitted in 2011

Words of Liberty: The Origins and Evolution of Constitutional Ideas
Mira Versteeg, supervised by Professor Denis Galligan
Submitted in 2011

Practical Reason and the Separation of Powers
Paul Yowell, supervised by Professor John Finnis
Submitted in 2010

Constitutional Doctrine of Freedom: On the Moral Structure of Constitutional Rights
Kai Möller, supervised by Professor Christopher McCrudden and Professor Nicos Stavropoulos
Submitted in 2010