Law of Obligations

Injunctive Relief in Tort Law
Aiden Lerch, supervised by Professor Donal Nolan
Submitted in 2023

Discharge of Contractual Obligations
Jordan Stanley English, supervised by Professor Birke Haecker
Submitted in 2022

Rethinking Punitive Damages
Eleni Katsampouka, supervised by Professor James Goudkamp
Submitted in 2021

Duties in tort law and its theory
Leo Boonzaier, supervised by Professor Sandy Steel
Submitted in 2020

Contracts in Writing: Issues in Rectification for Mistake and Rescission for Misrepresentation
Kelry Loi, supervised by Professor Edwin Peel
Submitted in 2021

Standing in Private Law
Timothy Liau, supervised by Professor Robert Stevens
Submitted in 2020

Unjust Enrichment Claims & Countervailing Obligations
Krishnaprasad Kizhakkevalappil, supervised by Professor Robert Stevens
Submitted in 2019

Torts as Self-Defence
Guy Sela, supervised by Professor John Gardner
Submitted in 2017

Damages for Misrepresentation
Niranjan Venkatesan, supervised by Professor Edwin Peel
Submitted in 2015

Apologies and Damages: The Moral Demands of Tort Law as a Reparative Mechanism
Alberto Pino-Emhart, supervised by Professor John Gardner
Submitted in 2015 

Conte Carmine, supervised by Professor Andrew Burrows
Submitted in 2015

The Duty of Care: a Comparative Common Law Analysis
James C Plunkett, supervised by Professor Donal Nolan
Submitted in 2015
Failure of Condition
Frederick Wilmot Smith, supervised by Professor Charles Mitchell
Submitted in 2014
David Winterton, supervised by Professor James Edelman and Professor John Gardner
Submitted in 2011
Principles of Enrichment in the Law of Unjust Enrichment
Andrew Lodder, supervised by Professor James Edelman
Submitted in 2010
James Goudkamp, supervised by Professor Andrew Ashworth and Professor Roderick Bagshaw
Submitted in 2010 
Anticipatory Breach of Contract: A Critical Analysis
Qiao Liu
Submitted in 2010