19th Annual Oxford International Intellectual Property Law Moot

Event date
16 - 19 March
Event time
12:00 - 21:00
Oxford week
HT 9
St Cross Building and Pembroke College

This year's problem relates to the Birss Butterfly Cake, a delicious sticky ginger cake decorated with frosting and Burrellshire Brandy Butter Icing.

Floyd's Kitchins, the makers of the Birss Butterfly Cake, brought a copyright action against supermarket Greenland in relation to its 'knockoff' cake. That claim failed. It was held by Chen Wishart J that the Birss Butterfly Cake is not an artistic work under the Copyright Act.

The Erewhonian Burrellshire Brandy Association successfully argued there was passing off by Greenland using a low-booze icing and calling it 'Burrellshire Brandy Butter Icing'. Its claim under the Protected Geographical Indications Act failed, however.

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Moot dates:

  • Written submissions are due by 5.00pm on Mon 13 December 2021 (UK time)
  • Invitations to the oral rounds will be issued in mid-late Jan 2022
  • We plan to run the oral rounds in person, in Oxford, from Wed 16 to Sat 19 March 2022.

We hope you enjoy this year's problem!

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