Notes and Changes

***Please note change of date, time and location for this event, now it's to be held on 11/03 7pm, at 10 Merton Street Lecture Theatre, Univ College***

Barristers Under Threat - How a protest by common law lawyers sparked an ongoing civil war

On 11th March 2020 at University College Lecture Theatre in 10 Merton Street, from 7pm.

In 2016, barristers in an anglophone region of Cameroon donned their wigs and gowns and marched through the streets in protest against decades of marginalisation by the francophone state, calling on others to join them. Protests by teachers and citizens rippled through the minority anglophone regions. Despite protesters carrying peace-branches to signal their non-violent intentions, the state responded with military force. Since 2016, hundreds of anglophone individuals have been arrested; reports of torture have emerged; thousands of people, including infants, have been killed; distressing footage of mass human rights abuses have surfaced; more than half a million people have been displaced; and children have missed years of schooling.

We invite you to join us for a conversation with Barrister Mbinkar Caroline about the lawyers’ role in the Cameroon conflict. Caroline is a Visiting Fellow in Law at University College and the Faculty of Law, Oxford. She runs a research project to document the human rights violations in Cameroon and hopes to find support for those still directly experiencing the violence.