British-European Relations Post-Brexit: A Legal Kaleidoscope

Event date
21 September 2020
Event time
10:00 - 18:00
Oxford week
Virtual Workshop

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The Institute of European and Comparative Law hosted a virtual one-day workshop on Brexit, which took place via Zoom on Monday 21 September 2020. Given that the transition period had not been extended, leading scholars explored the UK’s future in Europe from a legal perspective. Building on two previous Brexit Symposia in February 2018 and March 2019, this workshop was entitled “British-European Relations Post-Brexit: A Legal Kaleidoscope”. It set out and discussed the potential and problems of Brexit in the three separate panels, which were dedicated to the (1) international/institutional, (2) commercial, and (3) personal/private dimensions.

Making the most of the virtual workshop setting, panellists gave introductory statements to address their particular topic during the first half of each session. The second half of each session was available for substantive panel discussion. You can watch the entire workshop recordings below. (Some presentations can also be read by clicking on the links below.)


Workshop introduction by the organisers Professor Birke Häcker and Johannes Ungerer

Welcome address by Eleanor Sharpston QC, Advocate General 2006-2020, CJEU: Some reflections on Brexit and its effects on the rule of law, in the UK and in the EU

Panel 1: International and Institutional Dimensions
Chair: Professor Stephen Weatherill, Oxford

Professor Pavlos Eleftheriadis, Oxford: International and transitional framework

Professor Katy Hayward, Belfast: Northern Ireland as a ‘place between’

Professor Stefan Enchelmaier, Oxford: Potential trade agreement and role of the CJEU

Professor Katja Ziegler, Leicester: Dispute settlement mechanisms

Professor Anand Menon, London: Political boundaries and perspectives

Panel 2: Commercial Dimensions
Chair: Johannes Ungerer, Oxford

Dr Geneviève Helleringer, Oxford/Paris: Commercial law and financial services

Professor Matthias Lehmann, Vienna: Conflict of laws and financial law

Professor Giesela Rühl, Berlin: Judicial cooperation in civil and commercial matters

Professor Horst Eidenmüller, Oxford: Commercial dispute resolution and restructuring

Rachel Brandenburger, Oxford/New York: Competition law and regulation

Panel 3 Personal and Private Dimensions
Chair: Professor Birke Häcker, Oxford

Professor Catherine Barnard, Cambridge: Employment law

Professor Jeremias Adams-Prassl, Oxford: Future of work

Dr Malte Kramme, Bayreuth: Consumer law

Professor Charlotte O’Brien, York: Rights of citizens and their families

Professor Tamara Hervey, Sheffield: Healthcare law


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