John Morrison is Chief Executive of the Institute for Human Rights and Business (IHRB) - an international ‘think and do’ tank with global collective leadership initiatives on diverse issues such as responsible recruitment, big data and mega-sporting events, together with representation under a number of jurisdictions and regional centres in Myanmar and Colombia. IHRB was founded by Mary Robinson, the former President in Ireland in 2009 and now has special consultative status at the United Nations.

John has been a senior advisor to the Danish, Swedish and British Governments during their respective presidencies of the European Union and G8, as well as chairing the jury of the Dutch Government's human rights prize in 2013. In December 2015, John moderated the Dutch Government’s EU Presidency High Level Conference on responsible value chains. John is also a member of the UK Foreign Secretary's human rights advisory group and has also been recently appointed to the advisory group for the UK Export Credit Agency.

Before joining IHRB as its founding Director in 2009, John directed the Business Leaders Initiative on Human Rights 2003-9, was Head of Global Campaigns and Community Affairs for The Body Shop International plc and also worked for a number of civil society organizations on the issues of refugee protection, migration and human trafficking during the 1990s. Between 1996-7, John was a Harkness Fellow to the USA. His latest book is: The Social License: How to keep your organization legitimate (Palgrave MacMillan). John lives on the South coast of England with his family where he enjoys things completely unrelated to all of the above. You can follow John on Twitter @jomo1966