China and the Global Initiatives towards Sustainable Finance: Shifting from Norm-Importer to Norm-Exporter?

Event date
4 November 2021
Event time
13:00 - 14:00
Oxford week
MT 4
Faculty Members
Live Online Seminar (Teams)
Dr Kelly Chen

This seminar will examine China’s role in the global initiatives towards sustainable finance and analyze whether it has shifted from a norm-importer, i.e., merely implementing global financial regulatory standards, to a norm-exporter, i.e., taking an active role in shaping the standards. The seminar will argue that the shift from an importer to an exporter is of particular importance to emerging and developing economies. While they are often subject to financial regulatory standards deriving from global sources, they have played, if any, role in the shaping thereof. This raises important issues such as inclusiveness and fair representation in global governance. The question is whether China’s role in the field could be viewed as an enhancement of emerging and developing economies in global financial governance.


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