EPPIT Ideas Graduate Research Group

Event date
24 January 2018
Event time
09:00 - 11:00
Oxford week
Bonavero Institute of Human Rights
Graduate Research Group

The Bonavero Institute Expression, Political Rights, Privacy, and Information Technology (EPPIT) Ideas Graduate Research Group is a meeting of DPhil students interested in freedom of expression, political rights, privacy, and information technology. It is held twice a term at the Bonavero Institute. DPhil students are encouraged to set the agenda by submitting one-page abstracts in advance of the meeting describing an idea they would like to discuss, a question they are grappling with or a proposal for a collaborative activity. The meeting then provides an opportunity for presenters to expand on their abstracts and seek comments, advice, recommendations or agreement for a future event. 

This event is held in the Gilly Leventis Meeting Room.

Registration required.

See the EPPIT webpage for contact details.

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