In this seminar Professor Weingarten will consider the notion of relational autonomy as a way of salvaging the concept of patient autonomy in a context where a simple understanding of it does not meet the needs of the situation.  There are clinical implications for everyday practice, especially in more traditional societies, such as the limits of medical confidentiality within the family and participation of family members in decision-making.  A moral map to help orientate the family practitioner in resolving ethical dilemmas relating to family will be proposed, comprising three dimensions – justice, compassion and humility.

About the Speaker

Professor Weingarten, born in England and educated at Oxford University, moved to Israel in 1973.  He was a General Practitioner in a Yemenite immigrant town for 35 years and is the author of Changing Health and Changing Culture ‐ the Yemenite Jews in Israel.  As Professor of Medicine at Tel‐Aviv University, he chaired the departments of Family Medicine and Behavioural Sciences.  In 2011 he moved to the Galilee when appointed founding Dean of Education at the Faculty of Medicine in Galilee, of Bar Ilan University.  Professor Weingarten is a 2015-16 Visiting Scholar at the Centre for Ethics in Healthcare (ETHOX), and Green Templeton College.

A sandwhich lunch, tea and coffee will be provided. 

All welcome. 

Convenor: Pip Coore (pip.coore@law.ox.ac.uk)

Senior Member: Lucinda Ferguson